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ISO 20000 Lead Auditor

The ISO/IEC 20000 Auditor certifications are credentials for professionals needing to audit an Service Management System (SMS) and, in case of the "ISO 20000 Lead Auditor" Certification, able to manage a team of auditors.

The principal competencies and knowledge skills needed by the market are the ability to proficiently plan and perform audits compliant with the certification process of the ISO/IEC 20000:2011 standard and to master the audit techniques and to manage (or be part of) audit teams and audit program.


  • Improving corporate image and credibility

  • Adoption of an integrated process to the delivery of IT services

  • Reduction in response times and interruptions to IT service

  • Improved management of costs, leading to financial savings

  • Ensuring legislative awareness and compliance

  • Protecting the company, assets, shareholders and directors

  • Increased customer satisfaction from internal and/or external customers

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction that improves client retention

  • Consistency in the delivery of your service or product


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