Python for CISCO Engineers

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Python for CISCO Engineers

This exceptionally down to earth course is intended for engineers who need to increase a comprehension of the Python programming language and how it cn be adequately utilized with Mininet to copy SDN frameworks.


  • Comprehend the standards of programming in Python

  • Utilize the Python translator to compose and run Python programs

  • Comprehend Python components

  • Endeavor the rich assortment of Python libraries and modules

  • Perceive variable sorts

  • Use Python administrators and implicit capacities

  • Comprehend strategy control in Python

  • Program record input/yield, including diligent information objects

  • Make efficient and proficient code utilizing capacities and modules

  • Use object-situated programming strategies in Python

  • Fabricate hearty applications with mistake catching and revealing

  • Depict the idea of SDN

  • Comprehend the ideas and fundamental structure of a SDN controller

  • Value the usefulness and utilization of the Mininet organize emulator

  • Look at a little piece of a SDN Controller on Mininet to show arrange design utilizing Python


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