CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician

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CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician

The Healthcare IT Technician certificate is a new credential for IT professionals entering the fast growing field of Health Information Technology (HIT). CompTIA's Healthcare IT Technician certificate validates a fundamental grasp of healthcare regulatory requirements, healthcare and IT terminology, computer hardware & software, network topologies, and how to best apply these skills and knowledge in a modern medical practice. The Healthcare IT Technician certification exam also covers HIPPA compliance issues, code of conduct policies and best practices for storing, securing and backing up mission-critical data.


CompTIA's Healthcare IT Technician certificate prepares you for a job as a Healthcare IT (HIT) computer technician. To learn more about the related Health Information Management (HIM) career field - including in-demand skills, jobs, certifications, salary and training programs - explore the red-hot Health Information Technician career path.


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